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DeVault Construction has 31 years of experience in insurance claim work including hail and storm damage on hundreds of projects and repairs.

We will help you deal with both the insurance company and the adjuster to get you the most money and best results possible. During the fall of 2007 we repaired over 25 homes and businesses that had suffered hail damage, as well as rebuilt the front a home hit by an SUV (see photo).

Deal directly with the owner, David DeVault for one-on-one, personal service and experienced assistance with estimates to ensure that you receive a fair settlement on your claim.  Call for a free estimate.

Hail Damage - Hail as small as 1/2” can cause damage to your home’s roofing, siding, external trim, decks and windows, so anytime you have 1/2” or large hail you should check for damage.

This damage to your roof is often hard to see without getting up on the roof for a very close look. Walking on the roof is even more dangerous than usual, due to the damage caused by the hail bruising the shingle base which causes the graduals to separate from the shingle. This makes your roof extra slippery when walking on and shortens the life of your shingles.

We offer Free Professional Roof Inspections to check for damage. Most home owners and farm insurance covers repairing or replacing hail damage material to restore your home appearance and maintain its value.

Even very obvious damage as shown in the picture below is
very hard to see from the ground.

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